Tour Diary – Den Haag

We got to The Hague in the afternoon and did a few laps to allow the sat-nav to work out exactly what was going .. finding the venue and getting loaded out. We were in the Nationale Toneel upstairs venue, NT2, and it seemed a very well organised affair with backline being moved in as we arrived (including, to put a grin on T’s face, two Vox AC-30s…). After a short panic over plugs (we really should have brought some adapters, but we just assumed…the “British abroad” problem, I guess), we were ready for soundcheck which was pretty quick as the other bands were arriving. The room itself was very “dead”, in that the sound wasn’t bouncing around all over the place, which gave Kas a chance to shake his head a bit, and even on stage things were sounding quite dry.

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