Studio Diary – Last Week Round up

Been a bit slack on the blog for the last week, lots of loose ends getting tied up so here’s a brief recap:

had some more session players in on Tuesday doing viola and double bass
on a few tracks, they were great and got everything done in the course
of the afternoon. The viola in Nearly Home is particularly lush, and
the double bass particularly “beefy”. Awesome.

was interrupted by the arrival of Roger, Barry and Sarah, and finally
putting pen to paper on some contracts which was a great relief to
everyone given the shenanigans of the past year! Some bubbly was had
and then we all went through for a preview listen to a few of the
tracks, in their roughest state, which was surprisingly nervewracking
as it was like listening to it with someone else’s ears. I guess we’ve
been a bit over-exposed to them over the last week.

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Studio Diary – 26th January

Over the last few days we’ve been pretty busy, Saturday was another new
one, working title Shabba-b, featuring Jim on the piano. When we got up
on Saturday morning a strange spray-painted ambulance had arrived at
the studio, containing Rab and Ross down to take some pictures over the
weekend. It’s all been going to plan so far and yesterday we had our
first session players in, Emma, Jonathan and Christian, playing tenor
horn, trombone and tuba respectively. They were all very pro and got
the parts down on five tunes in the afternoon, which sound great. Every
time we played them back in the control room we were all grinning, and
Dave can finally relax a bit now he’s not having to score brass parts.

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