‘A Promise’ Featured in ‘Skins’ Episode 4

So, it turns out that our song ‘A Promise’ is the ideal soundtrack to
comedians/actors making up.  The song was used at the climax of last
night’s Skins episode.

If you missed you can watch the full episode online at 4oD, and the song is here on iTunes (and many other places of course!)

News! Live, SXSW, Skins, New stuff….

Sorry we’ve gone a bit quiet on you over the last few weeks. We thought
we’d just take a bit of time now to have a ramble about what’s been
keeping us out of trouble/getting us into trouble recently.


probably been most noticeable that we haven’t had many live shows this
year and the calendar is still looking quite blank over the next few
months, but we’ll explain the reason for this later. We started the
first show of the year at the Eurosonic festival in Groningen,
Netherlands on the 15th of January, followed by a special Burns Night
show at King Tut’s in Glasgow. You can read Andy’s much funnier account
of these snowy escapades over on the myspace blog.

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