Studio Diary – 16th January

Studio Diary Photo 1‘They All Fell….’ took shape last night with Davey’s trumpet going down and
T getting his organ out (again!). We had to make a few adjustments to
the schedule due to the piano slipping back out of tune, so the tuner
Gareth was booked to come back today at two to give it a few more
tweaks (at this rate he might end up taking residence in the spare
room…). We had some pasta and chorizo for tea then hit the hay at some
point after one.

The day started with an enthusiastic Dave telling me that he had
finally got to “some action” in Tipping the Velvet, which he has been
reading for the past few days. It seems Nan was having a whale of a
time with the contents of a mysterious rosewood chest. Good for her.

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