New Recordings

It has been a bit quiet on here of late, as we have been either locked away in the studio in Glasgow or frantically trying to work out how to play the new tracks live (we’re now calling Dave “Davey Four-Hands Rick Wakeman Smith”…). We took delivery of a bunch of fully ready-to-go mastered tracks the other day which was very exciting. Despite the fact that they bring back painful memories of six hours playing the same beat over and over again (apparently they say drummers are fitter than footballers, it must be true as it was on the BBC website, but for those of you that know me I am what may be called the exception to prove the rule), they have been on repeat on the stereo for the last day, if only just to remember the various changes. Don’t tell the guys I said that…

We were recording with Tony Doogan in his studio in Glasgow which involved commuting, something you never thought would be a part of being in a band, and of course eating innumerable takeaways, Thai curries and Tesco microwave meals, washed down with endless cups of strong Columbian black (that’s coffee by the way. Rock and roll…).
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